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Cremation gives you choices, while maintaining your companion pets dignity

About Us

Pets to Rest is a family owned and run pet cremation service based in Castleisland, Co. Kerry. We are a fully licenced Irish pet crematorium with all regulatory and legal requirements. Established in 2006, we are the first pet crematorium in the Republic of Ireland. When we opened, our aim was to make the loss of a companion pet somewhat easier for the owner and giving loved pets the dignified send off they deserve.


Growing up surrounded by animals, we've seen how attached human beings become to their pets. We spend a lot of time bonding with our pets and here at Pets to Rest we believe the spirit of this relationship should be kept alive. This can be done by placing your pets ashes on your mantle piece, where you'll be reminded of your companion every day or scattering them in a place your pet loved. In this way, the spirit of your pet stays alive and you can always feel close to your pet. Whatever send off you choose for your pet will be carried out by us at Pets to Rest with utmost professionalism. We will ensure that your pet gets the send off you want for them, giving them the dignity and respect they deserve

What we do

The loss of a pet brings with it tremendous grief and can often leave us as pet lovers completely unprepared and overwhelmed. At Pets to Rest, we not only understand this, we have been through it and can identify with the heart-breaking feeling of loosing your best friend or family companion, which is why we do our utmost to make this loss in some small way easier.


At Pets to Rest, we will provide support for you and your family where needed and answer any questions you may have. We are proud of the professional, sensitive, efficient service that we provide, prioritising at all times the dignity and respect of your pet. We wish to give you the chance to say goodbye to your best friend and help make the grieving process as easy as we possibly can

Why Choose Cremation?

For generations cremation has been seen as a way of treating companions with the same love and respect in death, as they enjoyed in life. The bond between pet and owner can be lifelong and is unique and very special to each individual. The loneliness of parting with a companion pet can be eased by the knowledge that your lifelong friend has been treated with dignity and respect.
Our crematorium is a dedicated companion pet only facility. We guarantee that all ashes, and only the ashes of your companion pet will be returned. Cremation is clean and hygienic, and allows you time to reflect on where you would like the final resting place of your pet to be. When your pets ashes are returned to you, you could scatter them in a favourite place, bury them or keep them in a wooden casket
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