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We are a fully licenced Irish pet crematorium with all regulatory and legal requirements

Our Services

We offer the following services to grieving pet owners in the hope that we can make the difficult time they are going through easier 

Collection from your local vet or by appointment

Your pet will be individually cremated with care and dignity in our Crematorium, which is a pet only facility

We guarantee that all ashes, and only the ashes of your companion pet will be returned to you

Your pet’s ashes can be returned in your choice from range of wooden caskets or urns

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I arrange an individual cremation for my pet?

Yes. Individual cremation can be arranged for your pet either through your vet or directly with us

How can I be sure that the correct ashes are returned?

Upon collection of your pet, an individual cremation form is completed. This sheet will contain all the details relating to your pet and your specific cremation requirements. This individual identity sheet is, at all times, kept with your pet throughout the cremation process and ensures that all the ashes, and only the ashes of your pet are returned. Also as the cremation is individual the possibility of any confusion is eliminated

How are the ashes returned to me?

Through your vet in which you have entrusted your pet or by appointment with us

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